A guide to transgender life in Detroit, the transgender heart of the midwest, including information concerning our quarterly transgatherings we call the Detroit TG Invasion.

Welcome to TG Detroit

TGDetroit is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for all transgender individuals, operating out of  Detroit, Michigan. Unlike some cities, the Greater Detroit transgender community is inclusive, welcoming all individuals under the transgender umbrella, whether part time, full time, post op, pre op or non op, along with all allies and supporters, and with no labels and prejudices. All are welcome in our local family.

TGDetroit is one of several support agencies within South East Michigan, and coordinates fully with all other local groups in all ways possible to support the quest for equal rights for all transgender individuals.


One of our ways of doing so is through the hosting of quarterly social gathering we call Detroit Invasions. Invasion events take place in January, April, July and October, and bring together TG from all over the United States and Canada. Besides being fun, social events, Invasion gatherings are also political, in the sense that visibility is, in itself, a political act. Invasion events take place in highly public venues with the aim of mainstreaming the transgender experience. Now approaching our fourth year and 13th event, Invasion affects the lives of more than 350 transgender individuals a year, as well as countless mainstream people, who often encounter us for the first time during one of these events. We hope that you will join us!