Detroit TG Invasion Mk. IX – Jan 19, 20, and 21 – 2017

150 150 TG Detroit

Detroit TG Invasion Mk. IX
January 19,20,and 21, 2017
Detroit, Michigan

Here we go girls…the beginning of year three of Detroit Invasions and we will be kicking things off with a bang! Nightclubs, exotic cars, fine dining, limo rides, dancing, partying and some of the finest, classiest, most gorgeous transgender women in the country …turning the cold weather steaming hot and melting the streets of the Motor City. Each Invasion grows bigger than the last as word gets around about the awesome family of girls that call Detroit their home. Come join us for what promises to be the wildest and hottest family reunion ever. The party is in the D.

Start your ride here!

Start your ride here!

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