Adam's Apple

Jaye Marie, owner of the Adams Apple, has been a total angel in her unstinting support of this event from the very beginning. We need to return her kindness in two ways.

1/ When parking at Adams Apple before taking the bus on Friday or Saturday please DO NOT PARK IN THE MAIN LOT next to the bar. Please leave this lot free for patrons not attending Invasion. There is a lighted and guarded overflow lot just across the side street. Please use that lot.

2/ Please arrive early for Happy Hour. Often in the past Jaye has had an empty bar until half an hour before the bus leaves , an overflow capacity crowd for 30 minutes, and then an empty facility until we return. Please show her a little appreciation by arriving in time to buy a drink or two before we depart. Jaye is an angel, but she needs to make a living, too.


18931 W Warren Ave, Detroit, MI 48228
(313) 240-8482
Owner Proprietor – the lovely and totally awesome Jaye Marie