A guide to transgender life in Detroit, the transgender heart of the midwest, including information concerning our regular transgatherings we call the Detroit TG Invasion.

Welcome to TG Detroit

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Two years.

Two years ago we were heading into 2020 assured we had our best Detroit games in store. Invasion in February and our sophomore Trans-Fusion scheduled for July at the Dearborn Inn and a Detroit party like no one had seen before… like only Detroit girls can pull off.

I was rehearsing a play and getting ready to visit Australia ( where I’d realize I’d fallen in love with the most awesome guy in the world).

And, yes, at first things went well … invasion was awesome in February…the play opened…but then… March… And the shit hit the fan.

Yeah… you know.

So, what’s a Detroit girl do?

We went to work and took the show online … with weekly support sessions that continue to this day and regularly feature notable guests and valuable content.

And we got through.

Trans-Fusion was postponed for 2020, and postponed again in 2021… though we did pull off our largest Invasion ever in July this year.

But we got through.


Still… enough looking back.

Heading into 2022 and our seventh birthday this January ( look for a birthday party at the Apple in January)… heading into 2022, here is the status.

The hiatus has given us time to raise funds (our financials going back to our incorporation as a 501c3 are now public and may be seen Here), and we are in good shape to give you an amazing year.

February brings Detroit Invasion 22 ( yeah, 21 major events since 2015… uh, huh).

And July?


A national event.

For real.

A true Transgender conference/convention for the Midwest… only with the sizzling nightlife you expect from Detroit ( details coming soon… totally over the top)…plus the seminars, workshops, acclaimed key note speakers, luncheons and a grand ball with live entertainment and dancing the closing night. You will seriously not believe the cool shit we are planning.


It’s like two years ago… only better… way better… like the last two years only made the family stronger… even more aware of how much we need each other… how much we need the love.

I’m even heading back to Oz to see my guy. ❤️

The last official, national Trans event before the pandemic, and the first after the bombs stopped falling last July… nearly two years of top notch online content… and 2022 looking to be the most exciting year on record.

We do this for you.

We believe in this community.

And we… this team of awesome women… we work hard for this community. Like you wouldn’t believe.

We do this because we believe in the incredibly positive energy of Detroit.

We believe in this amazing community…we believe in you!

And we want you to see and experience what a real community… what a real family can be.
Come see for yourself.

They used to call Detroit “the Paris of the Midwest”.
We know it’s a war out there.
We offer you a 3 day pass in Paris … surrounded by love.
Wherever you call home, come meet the Detroit girls.

And you will never again be anything else… a Detroit Girl.
We will even send you home with a T-shirt.

So mark your schedules, plan your vacation time, go to the gym, buy a new bikini, pick out your own Cinderella ball gown… and get ready.

Detroit girls bring the party. And you are invited!

In the meantime… We still have you covered in a safe and socially distant format.

Regularly on  Tuesday night, and for the duration of the pandemic, TGDETROIT brings you The Cyber Cafe, a two hour respite for day to day concerns. So grab a glass of your favorite poison and join the party!

Additionally, TGDETROIT is happy to bring you regular special guests. Look for the content you need with special events centered around a variety of topics from hair removal to hormones, makeup to makeovers, and voice coaches to legal experts. We have the stuff you need.

To keep up with everything we’re doing and receive regular invitations to the weekly meetings and the special events just join our mailing list. We promise not to flood your box with junk.