A guide to transgender life in Detroit, the transgender heart of the midwest, including information concerning our regular transgatherings we call the Detroit TG Invasion.

Welcome to TG Detroit

October Event Cancelled

Here at TGDetroit … we use the word family a lot. It has real meaning to us. You are our family… and your safety is more important to us than anything.

It is never easy to disappoint people. It is especially tough knowing you disappoint yourself just as much.

Last year, in 2020, because of Covid, and to be safe, we cancelled two planned events. This year, with things looking so much more hopeful, we went ahead with Detroit Invasion Mk XXI, and by all accounts and measures it was a huge success and one of our best attended events ever.

As we approach the planned Fall event, we are faced with a series of complications and circumstances that have caused us to reevaluate the event.

New covid variants are proving able to infect even some vaccinated individuals. I, myself, despite full vaccination with the Moderna vaccine, fell victim two weeks ago. And though the vaccine certainly protected me from serious illness, it still kicked my ass.

Last night, in emergency session with the rest of the hard-working board of TGDetroit, a very tough decision was made.

With barely three weeks to go, and much preparation yet unmade due to my own inability to function normally, we are not adequately prepared to stage the kind of Detroit Invasion event of which we can be proud. In addition, rising infection rates have forced us to reevaluate the safety of our attendees.

In light of this we have determined that we must postpone Detroit Invasion 22 until…well, until 2022.

The group will still participate fully at Ferndale Pride, but all other official activities and functions are now off the table. We apologize sincerely to all who were registered and or planning to attend. Full refunds will be issued to all paid registrations.

Having said this, it is still likely that many of our TGDetroit Family may still plan and carry out unofficial GNO type functions during the same three day window. Those coming in from out of town are still welcome to enjoy the group hotel rate and join us for Ferndale Pride and we will look forward to seeing you!

This has not been an easy decision to make. As President of TGDetroit, I recognize fully the hard work and professional advice of our board. But, in the end, the buck stops here and I accept full responsibility for this decision.

Rest assured, though, this is a small setback and we will be back in February with Detroit Invasion 22, and again next July with a glorious Trans-Fusion 2022.

In the meantime, please stay safe and know that your family in Detroit misses and loves you.


Samantha Rogers



In the meantime… We still have you covered in a safe and socially distant format.

Every Tuesday night, and for the duration of the pandemic, TGDETROIT brings you The Cyber Cafe, a two hour respite for day to day concerns. So grab a glass of your favorite poison and join the party!

Additionally, TGDETROIT is happy to bring you regular special guests. Look for the content you need with special events centered around a variety of topics from hair removal to hormones, makeup to makeovers, and voice coaches to legal experts. We have the stuff you need.

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