Big Sister Program

Ok, so at some point we were all there….dressed and ready to go and you just can’t take that step out of the hotel door, or out of your car, or whatever. And many of us have known the loneliness of standing in a crowded party not knowing anyone and feeling totally alone.

Well, Invasion is about family, and we don’t want anyone left out.

Beginning in 2017 we are offering a “Big Sister “ to anyone who requests one.

If you are new to Invasion and nervous or have questions then click the Big Sister tab at registration and we will pair you up with an Invasion veteran who can help prepare you to have a great time and make sure you have a friend on the inside, who knows the ropes and will make sure you find your feet and meet people.

Now, don’t misunderstand…. a Big Sister is not here to dress you or do your makeup for you… rather a Big Sister is here to answer basic questions and essentially be waiting for you when you arrive to make sure you get out of your car and that you meet some people once inside. The rest is up to you. After all, big sisters like to have fun at Invasion, too. But having someone to keep an eye on you can be an awesome thing.

Little Sister Program

For the veterans….we need your help! We have left a space at registration to check off if you are willing to be a “Big Sister” to someone new who needs a little guidance and a helping hand to meet some people.