Detroit Invasion Mk. XXI Event Information

Detroit Invasion Mk. XXI Event Information

It’s been a long dark year. Yeah, word.

But, babes, the dawn is breaking… not on the morning, but on three days for nightclubs, dining, river cruises and rock and roll.

It’s time for Invasion again. It’s time to party. It’s time for the gathering.

Join us for night in Ferndale, a dinner cruise on the Detroit River, our own takeover of a rock club with live bands… and the legendary limo buses!

Let’s roll!

So, first… some basic info… (Please read this is really important)

Previous attendees may see that some expenses have gone up… the hotel, the buses etc. This is all due to the restrictions on capacity in place due to Covid.

We provide the option of the limo buses both Friday and Saturday nights. This is not mandatory but for many girls it is an important part of the Invasion experience. Tickets for each night are $35.

Perhaps a favorite piece of Invasion is the dinner cruise on The Detroit Princess. This large and elegant ship has four floors and during the cruise a full buffet dinner is served with entertainment to follow. The entire cruise lasts 2 1/2 hours. The cost is $70. A link is provided here for purchase of tickets as these are not included in the general registration process. We urge attendees to book their tickets quickly as there is limited capacity and the cruise will sell out.

Because of current Covid restrictions, we are sad to report that The MGM Grand is not feasible this year. We definitely plan to return in the future. Instead, this year, we have arranged a special treat! The Token Lounge is a legendary Detroit Rock bar. Instead of the MGM, on Saturday night we have taken over the Token and are arranging live bands for your entertainment. It is going to be an amazing night coming on the heels of a full barbecue that afternoon at The Apple. But again, tickets for this are available through the Token ticketweb page (link provided) and are not part of general registration. And, just as with the dinner cruise, we urge you to acquire tickets quickly as, again, capacity is limited and may well sell out.


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