Help Support TG Detroit

It's not just a party. We have work to do.

First, thank you for your supporting and joining our TGInvasion family!

You know why this family exists. We exist because transgender individuals are at risk in our nation. Daily we read reports of transgender individuals targeted by hate crimes, while enemies work to undo our protections and force us back into the closet. In this battle for the heart of America, visibility is our greatest ally. And courage is required of us all.

Detroit Invasions are more than parties. They are empowering and transformative in both personal and political ways the importance of which cannot be denied.

At TGDetroit, we were recently reminded of all this by  a trans-woman named Valerie, who lives here in Southeast Michigan.


Throughout her life, Valerie had experienced self-denial, isolation, shame, and lack of acceptance from friends and family with which we are all way too familiar. A year and a half ago, she attended her very first TGInvasion. That spring weekend was indeed an eye-opener. She was no longer alone. She had a new family. One that cared.

Valerie interacted with many other transwomen, both from the area and those who came from across the country to be a part of this event.  She learned about those whose path was aligned with hers. She  felt the freedom  of walking down her hometown streets and avenues….as her authentic self.  She felt that power.  And she finally felt free to dance.

In the months since, Valerie has blossomed in ways of which she could barely dream. She attends all our events and now helps others to find their way.  And Valerie would be the first to tell you that she owes her growth to this organization and that first TGInvasion … that walking out into the light  head held high and unafraid…that that was the crucial turning point in her life.  And she’ll also tell you that better things are yet to come.  

We meet and welcome more Valerie’s at every Invasion. Perhaps you were like Valerie. You came to find …well, maybe you were not even sure.  But you came…and you found family. You found a home, and support and a new belief in yourself.  And now we need you. The truth is that without you and your support, there would be no TGInvasions!

2018 has been an exciting year for TGDetroit.  

We incorporated as a non-profit organization so you will have greater transparency in how we run and expand our activities.  We are beginning a series of single day events at beaches, bowling alleys,  barbecues and festivals, continuing to integrate into the community and breeding familiarity with Mainstream society.  And in 2019, plans are well underway to grow our summer event into a fullscale Transgender support conference unlike anything currently serving the Midwest.  All the evening excitement , but with daytime opportunities to learn, grow through interaction with speakers and support professionals.

We are asking that you step up and help us to continue and move forward. You can make a generous tax deductible single donation, or you can enroll in a plan of monthly giving, spreading your commitment to TGDetroit over the entire year.

We are also actively seeking  sponsors for this important work.

However you choose to help, your assistance will help to ensure the opportunities  that helped you and so many others continue for others and grow to better serve our community.

We need your help.  You are the key to our long-term growth and success. We are asking for your generous support because at event admissions alone barely pay for the costs of a specific event.  We need a base of the sound financial footing to help to stay alive and grow. Whether you’re a regular attendee or come as you can, you know that events like TGInvasion just don’t happen.  The leadership of TG Detroit is composed 100% of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to plan, implement and ensure that these go off smoothly. Every dollar we raise goes to make that event the absolute best it can be.

On behalf of the board of TG Detroit, and all the Valerie’s who attend,  thank you so very much.

Samantha Rogers


TG Detroit

PS:  I am personally so grateful for you standing together with us.