Theatre Bizarre – TG Detroit

Theatre Bizarre

“The Greatest Masquerade on Earth”

Theatre Bizarre has been the singular, must-see annual event since it launched (illegally) in the early days of the 21st century. Year after year, its creators return with a spectacular event unlike anything else on earth.

Since finding its permanent home at Detroit’s Masonic Temple (the largest in the world), Theatre Bizarre has been offering progressively grander and more decadent events to those lucky enough to get a ticket. In late October each year, thousands of elaborately-clad and eager attendees fill the carved stone hallways of the labyrinthine tower as they move throughout the night from one indescribable performance to another. Detroit’s most adventurous souls slipping anonymously past each other as they celebrate their darkest selves into the early hours of the morning. It’s proven to be a very popular formula. In fact, the biggest challenge facing Theatre Bizarre has always been capacity. And now, they’ve solved the problem in grand style.

“The event is based on a world we have created over the years,” explains Theatre Bizarre’s creative lead, John Dunivant. “What started out as a backyard party with a bunch of friends has turned into a critically-acclaimed, enveloping production that has been referred to as a “cultural institution by the Miami Foundation.  We have also received grants from the Kresge Foundation, the Knights Foundation and others. We will honor these grants and recognition and continue to push forward to create a new and immersive experience unlike anything else in the world.”

This year we will be hosting 2 spectacular weekends. Doors open at 6:30pm.  Food and drinks will be available for purchase on Saturdays.  All attendees must be 21 years of age or older.  Costumes are mandatory.

Dress Code Policy

Theatre Bizarre is a costume-mandatory event. The magic of Theatre Bizarre is the originality and effort put on display by everyone involved, from our dedicated crew to the performers to each and every one who attend this event. Some patrons make their costumes themselves, others have them made, and others mix and match elements to to craft something unique; creativity is the key. If you arrive without wearing a costume YOU WILL BE REFUSED ENTRY WITHOUT REFUND.

Examples: Black Tie, Formal, Secret Society, Venetian Carnival, Aristocratic, Steampunk, Historical, Masquerade, Period-wear, Gothic dress or Fashion chic is acceptable. Variations on these themes is encouraged.


$95 per person


Detroit Masonic Temple